Top 10 Most Seductive Perfumes for Men in 2014

A new year comes with new opportunities. For a man, one of the resolutions could be to get into a romantic relationship. If you wish to woo your woman in the year 2014, you will need much more than just words. You will need to groom yourself at all times because you never know when you will meet the lucky girl.

In addition to dressing to kill, you need to find a nice, seductive perfume that will make even those who have passed by you to look back and even comment. There are many brands of perfumes and colognes for men but few are seductive. Here we have sampled the top 10 most seductive perfumes for men in 2014 from which you can make an informed choice.

10. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

To start with is the Nautica Voyage cologne spray, which has a magical scent and smell of freshness that will last longer than you can imagine. The fragrance is not so strong and features citrus scent. This cologne is highly masculine and gives you confidence to approach your dream date without worrying about bad odor.

Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men
Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

9. Curve Connect Cologne

The year 2014 could be your time to connect with the one to whom you will spend your lifetime with. What is the best way to connect other than to wear the Curve Connect Cologne when you are going to meet her. This cologne will leave a lasting scent provided by Tonka bean, sandalwood and tobacco flower. It is also gentle and friendly to your skin with no risks of skin irritation if you use it accordingly.

8. Obsession Cologne

If you want something that will cause the woman, you are interested it to be laterally obsessed with you, then this is the perfume to go for. It is gentle, smooth and fresh not to mention that its romantic scent. The fragrance notes include mandarin and spice amidst low tones of musk, amber and sandalwood. Other ingredients include bergamot, clove, lavender, myrrh and nutmeg. This is a great choice; go for it.

7. Lucky You Cologne

For men, winning a woman sometimes boils down to pure luck and that is what this cologne/perfume is all about. It presents a very long lasting fragrance depicting fresh fragrance from citrus. Lucky you cologne will leave you feeling romantic, confident and lucky; the ingredients needed to attract someone. Prepare to buy this perfume come the onset of this year.

6. GUCCI GUILTY For Men by GUCCI Eau De Toilette Spray

The house of Gucci is known for style, fashion and elegance especially in the casual wear. If you want to maintain a casual stance while at the same time remaining unbelievably seductive, then Gucci Guilty men’s perfume is what to go for. It s notes profile includes top notes: cypress, calone, violet and bergamot; middle notes: amber, sweet tobacco, black pepper, jasmine; and base notes: amyris, patchouli, cedar wood and warm incense of leather accord.

5. BOUCHERON by Boucheron Eau De Parfum Spray

This 3.4 oz seductive perfume has been in the market since the year 1999 but is one to watch in the year 2014. From its packaging bottle design to its superior tones, Boucheron Perfume is award winning and effective. The signature scent features include amber, basil, bergamot, geranium, heliotrope, juniper berry, orange, moss, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and verbena. The perfume is crafted for distinction and style.

4. Challenge Sport-Perfume for Men

For you to woo your dream girl, you do not need to be expensive. There is a very affordable yet versatile and freshly scented perfumes that will attract women like a magnet. It is the Challenge Sport Perfume for men. Its aromatic scent will attract her even before you utter any words. In this year 2014, this perfume will prove more seductive than most other expensive brands.

3. Eclectic Collections Factor Turbo Eau de Parfum Spray for Men

For you to win a woman you intend to date, you have to approach her with confidence and high self-esteem. One of the things you need to attain these personalities is nice, sexually inviting and romantic fragrance from a seductive perfume. The Eclectic Factor Turbo Perfume/Cologne will give exactly what you need to win your woman.

2. Hugo Boss Energise For Men EDT Perfume

This is another perfect choice when it comes to a seductive perfume for men in 2014. It features a great mix of fragrance notes that will speak more about you and your personality more than you could even do. The tones include cardamom, heart consuming coriander, pink pepper and citrus, juniper, ambrette and white freesia. The perfume is friendly to your skin and so you do not have to worry about skin irritation.

1. ETERNITY for men by Calvin Klein

If you are ready to seduce her, Eternity perfume by Calvin Klein is the perfume you need to wear. It symbolizes today’s man with the complexities of the masculine nature women want in men. The perfume is exhilarating and contains sensual tones. It is available in crisp jasmine, green, basil, sage, as well as rosewood fragrances. Your yet to be date will never look back once she smile. For maximum fragrance, you can use a lotion of the same scent.

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