Top 10 Cheap Best Gaming Laptops Under 400 Dollars in 2014

For those looking for a good gaming laptop under 400 dollars in 2014, here is a detailed review of top 10 best brands in the market:

10. 15.6-Inch Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5201 AMD Laptop

The C855D-S5201 Toshiba Satellite is an environmentally friendly gaming laptop and a favorite of many people worldwide. Its LED backlit 366 x 768 widescreen supports 720p content. It also has an aspect ratio 16:9 and HD TruBrite technology that enhances picture quality and clarity. Coupled with this laptop’s 7310 AMD RaedonTM HD graphics card, users experience enjoyable gameplay and or multimedia streaming. Apart from its screen and graphics card, other features that have earned the C855D-S5201 the number 10 spot on our review of top 10 cheap best gaming laptops under 400 dollars in 2014 are its low voltage, but powerful E1-200 Dual core processor, SuperMulti DVD drive, 640 GB hard disk, and 4 GB RAM. Its keypad is a comfortable 10-key numeric pad, while its battery pack is an original 6-cell lithium ion design that will keep your working or playing for long.

9. 15.6-InchHP 15-D035DX Laptop

Ninth on our review is the 15.6-Inch 15-D035DX gaming laptop by HP. Individuals who use this laptop has an edge over those that use its competitors for many reasons: first, designed for maximum speed and power, you no longer have to wait for minutes for your laptop computer to boot and or experience poor game play because of low laptop specs. If you consider buying this laptop for instance, you get a machine with 2.17 GHz N3520 Intel Pentium processor with Turbo Boot (up to 2.42 GHz) and 4 GB memory. It has 750 GB hard disk space and a powerful Intel HD graphics card that will never disappoint. If you like to video conference or play online games, this laptop has a high-definition True Vision HP Webcam and supports 802.11b/g/n WLAN among many other interesting features.

8. 15.6-Inch Lenovo B575-1450A5U IdeaPad Laptop

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Do you have many multimedia files you intend to store in your laptop? Consider buying the B575-1450A5U IdeaPad laptop by Lenovo. This computer has earned the number eight spot on our list of the best gaming laptops under 400 dollars for the following reasons: its E-Series AMD processor is low voltage and powerful. This computer has 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a HD 6310 AMD Radeon graphics card that heightens performance of this laptop. Whether you single or multi-task, this laptop will handle all tasks simultaneously and enhance your productivity as a result. For storage, you get a 5400RPM 320 GB hard drive. Other features that pit this laptop among the best under 400 dollars are its finger recognition feature for security, responsive touch pad, and HDMI support.

7. 15.6-Inch HP 2000-2D27DX Laptop

The 15.6-Inch HP 2000-2D27DX laptop fills the number seven spot on our list. Generally, its manufacture, HP, has engineered this gaming laptop for speed and performance. Like many HP brands, the 2000-2D27DX has a back lit high-definition screen suitable for playing games and watching movies. If you process a lot of documents, browse the internet, or video conference a lot, this screen will never disappoint. This laptop has 4 GB DDR3 RAM, a 750 GB hard disk, an A6 Quad Core AMD processor, and a HD 8400 AMD graphics card by Radeon. It also has a True Vision Webcam, high-speed wireless connection, and a multi-format DVD drive.

6. 15.6-Inch Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5359 Notebook

For those who are looking for an aesthetic and portable laptop that they can use in various environments, the C855D-S5359 Toshiba Satellite Notebook fits into this category well. Its tough aluminium body and smooth bevel design not only improves its looks, but also its longevity. On the speed, power, and graphics department, the C855D-S5359’s specifications match those of expensive, over-the-top designs. For speed, Toshiba has installed a low voltage E1-1200 AMD Dual Core processor that recognizes commands and executes functions faster than many in its class and 4 GB DDR3 memory. In the graphics department, you have a 15.6-inch screen with HD TruBrite technology and LED Back lit display. A high-definition 7310 AMD RadeonTM graphics card heightens its performance further.

5. 15.6-Inch Samsung R540-JA04 Laptop

The 15.6-Inch R540-JA04 Samsung laptop is a gorgeous gaming laptop that is powerful and performs well. Its 380M Core i3 Intel processor for instance has an integrated hyper threading technology that improves its speed. The processor is also low-voltage. It does not waste a lot of energy or generate a lot of heat when working. Samsung R540-JA04 ships with a 500 GB SATA hard disk and 4 GB RAM that you can upgrade to 8 GB if you like. Apart from its wide 15.6-Inch screen with LED back lit display, this laptop has an ergonomic full-size isolation-type 17 key numerical keyboard that comes in handy when playing computer games or typing. Its battery on the other hand is a powerful lithium ion design that powers the computer continually for around 4.5 hours.

4. 15.6-Inch Toshiba Satellite C855-S5137 Laptop

Judging from many top 10 reviews that are available online, the C855-S5137 Toshiba Satellite has grown to become one the most popular gaming laptops under 400 dollars because of: 1) Portability: even though this laptop has a size-able screen with TrueBrite display, it remains light and portable. You can carry it in your backpack or case to work or school easily. 2) Power: To enhance this laptop’s power, Toshiba has installed a high-speed 2.5 GHz 3120M Core i3 Intel processor. 3) Performance: The high-definition graphics card by Intel included in this laptop improves performance. It also has a 500 GB hard disk space, 10-key full-size keyboard and essential entertainment ports such as Bluetooth and HDMI.

3. 17.3-Inch HP Pavilion G7-2340DX Laptop

Third on our list, the 17.3-Inch G7-2340DX HP Pavilion is among the best gaming laptops under 400 dollars that are available in the market. Apart from its high-definition brilliant big screen that is suitable for light gamer and students, this computer has a powerful 2.7 GHz A6-4400M AMD accelerated processor a 7520G discrete-class Radeon HD graphics card, 4 GB RAM, and a 500 GB hard disk.

2. 13.4-Inch MSI X320-037US

Light (around 2.8 pounds) and with a small wide-screen (13.4-Inches), the MSI X320-037US is feature packed and among the most portable gaming computers under 400 dollars. Notable features include: 1) 1.6 GHz Z530 Atom processor, 2) 2GB DDR2 RAM, 3) GMA graphics and video module, 3) 320 GB hard drive, and 4) Bluetooth V2.0+EDR Graphics Card Output.

1. 15.6-Inch Toshiba Satellite C55-A5104 Laptop

C55-A5104 Toshiba Satellite is first on our review of the top 10 cheap best gaming laptops under 400 dollars in 2014. Like many high value gaming laptops, this laptop has an expandable 4 GB DDR3L memory, back lit TFT screen, and 500 GB hard disk. Its low voltage processor, a 2.39 GHz N2820 Intel Celeron, is fast and energy-efficient.

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  1. Tobias says

    Witch of the`se computers, for hardcore gaming, would be the best, I am trying to get one to spesificly run planetside 2 at better then 30 fps


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