Top 10 Richest People in the World 2014


I have never met anyone who does not dream of becoming rich, famous and influential. For most people it remains just that, a dream. However, there are people who have managed to overcome the odds and the vicissitudes of life to emerge as the world’s richest people. Most of these people have obtained their wealth […]

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World 2014


The wealth of a country is not measured by the number of billionaires it has. It is based on what is known as Human Development Index (HDI). This measure combines an economic measure, which is the national income with other measures including indices for national life expectancy as well as the education status. In simple […]

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actresses In 2014


Hollywood is home to hundreds of thousands of actresses each trying to make it to the top in the polarity ladder. While most are still struggling to create and establish a name in the film industry, some have already managed and are now basking on the glory of their fame. Since each person has his […]

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors In 2014


It is no doubt that Hollywood is dominating the world’s Film and Entertainment industry and the highly talented men and women make this possible in the acting career. If you love Hollywood movies and films, then like many others, you may be interested in knowing the current trend in popularity of your favorite Hollywood actors. […]

Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers In 2014


When you hear them sing, you will be led to believe they are not of this world and supposed to join the angels in singing. I am talking about female singers. They are so infective that when you turn on your radio you cannot help it but join them although your voice is not one […]

Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers In 2014


Male singers have literally taken over the entertainment industry although their female counterparts are right on their heels. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of male artists in the world trying to battle it out to be the topmost. While some have achieved this covetous position, many are struggling burning the midnight oil […]

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2014

high paying job

What are the top 10 highest paying jobs 2014? In terms of salary, recent statistics indicate that surgery is the highest paying job. Lawyers, psychiatrists, dentists, air traffic controllers, podiatrists, and petroleum engineers also earn a decent salary, mainly as compensation for their hefty job profiles, long work hours, and high stress levels that they […]

Top 10 Sexiest Models In The World 2014

Behati Prinsloo

When it comes to the fashion industry, words are never enough to paint the exact picture that is always intended to. The fashion industry, as we all know, is one of the most sought after, most beautiful and amusingly, the best paid industries worldwide. In addition, the industry now ever than before is rather refined […]

Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2014

Carpet cleaning is an unavoidable daunting chore that all homeowners must do at some point. While sweeping using a hard bristled broom and them mopping using a moist mop can get rid of superficial dirt and stains such as pet hair, individuals who want to clean carpets well and leave then looking clean and smelling […]

Top 10 Best Carpet Shampoo Reviews 2014

Do you own a carpet? Are you looking for the best shampoo cleaner that you can use to remove stubborn stain and dirt and leave your carpet looking clean and smelling fresh? Whilst many brands are attainable cheaply online, the best shampoo cleaner worth buying should have the foregoing properties: first, a good carpet shampoo […]

Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2014

In today’s modern society, motor vehicles are essential machines that millions of people find invaluable. They have eased transportation. They have enhanced the productivity of people, especially those who have to travel long distances daily, when commuting to work. However, when dirty, vehicles can be a major health hazard. Dust, toxic fumes, and allergens that […]

Top 10 Medical Alert Systems Reviews 2014

In today’s unpredictable society, medical emergencies are common. The risk of stroke, heart attack, and many other debilitating health conditions is rife, especially as people grow older, often with serious consequences. If you have a child, living with an elderly person, or have a chronic medical condition that can flare up at any time and […]

Top 10 GPS Tracker for Kids Reviews 2014

Have you ever gone to the mall with your child only to realize that he or she is no longer at your side and walking through two or more shops? Are you living in an insecure neighborhood and want to keep tubs on your child’s movement or have a buffer zone that you do not […]

Top 10 Best and Popular HDTV Antenna Reviews 2014

It’s really difficult to fathom how the world would be like without technology. Just like all other sectors of our lives, entertain heavily relies on technology. HDTV technology has immensely revolutionized the entertainment sector. It is now practical to view crystal clear pictures with premium quality sound from the cosiness of our homes. Unlike traditional […]

Top 10 Sewing Machine for Beginners Reviews 2014

Are you a professional tailor or a stay at home mom planning to adopt sewing as a hobby? Are you looking for a sewing machine that creates professional looking prints, one that you can use to repair your kids torn clothes, or one that you can use to complete the latest clothing line you are […]

Top 10 Best Cordless Drill 2014 Reviews

For professional and do it yourself (DIY) home renovators, wood, and metalworkers, having a well-built cordless drill is beneficial in many ways. First, compared to their corded counterparts, cordless drills are light and relatively easier to use. They are also compact, highly portable, and thus, work well in both open and tight spaces. Finally, they […]